Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 

1.      Game Rules

REY CUP is played in accordance with the rules of FIFA and where applicable by the rules of the Icelandic Football Association.

2.      Type of Tournament

The teams will be grouped in a pool of three to six teams. All teams in a group play each other. The final pool standing will be the result of the amount of points each team has achieved:

Win        3 points

Draw     1 point

Loss       0 point

If two or more teams have the same number of points, the final standing will be decided by:

  1. Goal difference
  2. Highest number of goals scored
  3. Individual result between the teams in question
  4. If still undecided, the winner will be drawn by the Tournament Committee.

The match program is preliminary. Each coach must check with the  Capelli Sport REY CUP Center if any changes have occurred.

Winner team of each pool will play the finals unless there will be semi finals, depending on size of group.

If after regular playing time in semi finals and finals the result is still inconclusive, the game will be decided by a penalty shootout according to the FIFA rules ( 3 penalties per team, then one until final result).

3.      Classifications

Capelli Sport REY CUP follows the international practice of classification, which rules that each age group makes a team, i.e. all those who are born in 2002 play together as U16.

Capelli Sport REY CUP does however make an exception permitting teams to follow the Icelandic classification, i.e. 13 and 14 year olds can play together and 15 and 16 together.  The Tournament Committee deals individually with applications of teams which do not follow the KSI rules. A maximum of 3 older players from previous year can play in any match.  A team that has been accepted by the Tournament Committee is considered qualified to play in the tournament.

4.      Match Period

2 x 25 minutes unless otherwise decided and announced in advance. Half time is 5 minutes.

5.      Number of Players

Each team has the opportunity to use an unlimited number of players, allowing a player to re-enter the game after being substituted. Substitution takes place at the midfield line after the referee has been notified. Only players who have been registered prior to the tournament start can play.

6.      Games

  1. Before the tournament the Tournament Committee can ask for a name list of all                          players in the registered teams.
    2.            Shin guards are requested.
    3.            Screw studs are not allowed.

7.      Walk-Over

A team that does not show up for a game will receive a 3:0 defeat. A team that will not show up for two games will, unless the Tournament Committee decides otherwise, be suspended from the tournament and their results will be cancelled from the scoreboard.

8.      Playing Fields

All matches are played on grass fields or artificial fields.

9.      Referees

The Tournament Committee selects the referees.  Two referees are refereeing each game. In the finals there are three referees.

10.   Tournament Committee

REY CUP Board of Directors appoints the Tournament Committee.

11.   Tournament Jury.

The Tournament Committee appoints the tournament jury.  The jury deals with written complaints regarding tournament games.

12.   Protests and complaints

Written protests shall be submitted to the tournament jury in the  REY CUP Center within an hour after the end of game in question. The decision of the jury is final. Suspended players will not be allowed to participate in the next game following suspension. Two yellow cards or a red card lead to an automatic one match suspension.

13.   Prizes

Winners receive the REY CUP trophy and each player in the finals receives a medal.

Emphasis is on fair play and a positive attitude of participants during the tournament.

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