20th birthday celebration at Rey Cup 2021!

We are now open for registrations for the upcoming summer. We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate together the 20th birthday of Rey Cup.

Due to Covid, it is still undecided if international teams will be attending Rey Cup 2021. We will keep
you updated.

Capelli Sport Rey Cup 2019

Rey Cup proudly presents the sponsor of the tournament, Capelli Sport.
The tournament will therefore be called the Capelli Sport Rey Cup, an international football and fun festival.

Capelli Sport is based on a 30-year-old tradition and is well known for it´s sportswear, equipment and gear.
Among teams that wear Capelli are e.g. AEK Athens in Greece, Duisburg FC in Germany and Þróttur Reykjavík.

Foreign teams – and more to come!

These foreign teams  have already confirmed their participation at Rey Cup 2019 in July.

U16, boys
Brighton Hove Albion, England, A-team
WBA, England, A-team.
Burlington Youth Soccer, USA, B-team.
Touchline Soccer Club, USA.

U16, girls
Gjelleråsen IF, Norway, A-team.

U14, boys
Partick Thistle, Scotland, A-team.

Rey Cup 2019 General information booklet


Please send email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Foreign teams 2018

Already 12 foreign teams from 10 clubs have confirmed their participation at Rey Cup 2018 in July.

The teams that have already confirmed are Fulham, Watford, Fleetwood Town (2 team) and Brigthon from England. From Scotland comes Partick Thistle, from the Faroe Islands comes KÍ Klakksvík (2 teams); from Norway comes Rælingen. In addition, three teams from the United States have confirmed their participation.

The teams are U14 and U16 both of girls and boys.

Registration is open until  May 15.

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Foreign teams Rey Cup 2017 – official

This is the final list of foreign teams participating in Rey Cup 2017.

  • NUK – Greenland
  • Sunderland – England
  • Partick Thistle – Scotland
  • Fleetwood Town – England
  • Norwich City – England
  • Brighton and Hove Albion – England
  • Burnley FC – England
  • Pacto Andino School – Chile
  • Kristianstads DFF – 2 lið – Sweden

Rey Cup 2017 fully booked

Rey Cup 2017 tournament is now fully booked.
The Rey Cup Board would like to thank all the teams that have signed up and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of July.
Teams that still want to participate in Rey Cup 2017 can register but will go on a waiting list.

When registrations will be confirmed there might be a change to add few more teams if needed to adjust the number of teams in each age group. In the beginning of June it will be clear if we can add more teams to the tournament or not.

Never before has the tournament been fully booked so early so it seems clear that interest for the tournament is growing.  Rey Cup is very thankful for the teams interest and will do its best to make the tournament a great one for every participant.